Water & Mag Tank

Designed for the Most Rugged Field Conditions

Durable, Custom Water Tanker Truck Body

Water and magnesium chloride tanks from COLT by IWS come with many customizable options, each built for long-lasting, high-performance. Your water tanker truck will accommodate several different applications to make your work safer, easier, and faster, thereby increasing your revenue and providing excellent returns on your investment. Our water and mag tanks are available in 14 feet, 15 feet, and 16 feet.


We design and manufacture every truck, body, and trailer we sell, so we’re fully equipped to customize a build that perfectly meets the needs of your business. We offer various mounting options and customizations for valves like quantity and location.


Heavy duty water and magnesium chloride tanks are perfect for a vast number of applications, including dust control for gravel roads and other environments, controlled burns, snow and ice removal, construction, road grading, and agriculture.

Built to Last

Each of our water and magnesium chloride tanks is made with a HardOx® 500 Tuf wear plate that protects it from premature wear and damage. Standard installations include a black tank exterior and an unfinished interior.

General Information

Our Water & Magnesium Chloride Tanks are designed to withstand even the most rugged field conditions. With a variety of truck and trailer mounting options, along with the ability to customize valve quantities and locations, our tanks are perfectly suited for controlling dusty conditions, protecting controlled burns, and any other jobs our customers have. Snow and ice control capabilities during Magnesium Chloride applications make our tanks ideal for use in the Rocky Mountain Region.


Body Composition

Hardox® 500 Tuf Wear Plate

Standard Color

Interior: Unfinished
Exterior: Black

Body Length

14 Feet
15 Feet
16 Feet


Snow & Ice Removal
Road Grading


Equipment Specifications

Tank Shell  1/4″ Thick Bottom Pan with 3/16″ Upper Shell Tank Shell

1/4″ Thick Bottom Pan with 3/16″ Upper Shell

Tank Heads and Baffles: 3/16″ Plate with 6″ Dished Offset

Horizontal Seams Welded Inside and Out

Front and Rear Mounted Site Tubes

DOT Sealed Beam Lights

100% Welded “U” Shaped Longitudinal Sills

Valves – Independently Operated from Cab Console

24″ Manway with Lid

Hydrant Fill – 3″ Pipe with Legal Air Gap

Fenders Integrated into Body Design

3/4″ Rubber Cushion Wear Pads

Customer’s Choice – Number of Spray Valves

Spray Valves Located at Customer’s Preference Points

Adjustable Volume and Pattern Bertolini Spray Valves

Berkeley B3ZRMS 4X3 Centrifugal Cast Iron Pump

Berkeley Pump Capacity – 750 GPM ii 60 PSI

All Plumbing is Schedule 40 Steel Pipe or S.S. Pipe

Exterior Paint – Axalta Epoxy Primer and Urethane Top Coat

 S.S. Shell 3/16″ Thick Bottom Pan with 10 Ga. Upper Shell

Hose Reel – Manual or Electric

Pond Fill Plumbing with Hoses and Foot Valve Installed

Installation of all Plumbing, Spray Bars and Pump on Sub Frame

Gravity Feed Spray Bar

Dump Gate

Tow Hooks and Push Bar

Epoxy Liner

Hydraulic or Direct Shaft-Driven Pump

Sidewinder Cannon


Hardox® 500 Tuf

Latest upgrade in the Hardox® range.

Through-hardened with minimum core hardness is 90% of the guaranteed minimum surface hardness

Delivers high strength, extreme hardness and guaranteed toughness

Combines the best properties from Hardox 450 and Hardox 500 resulting in a wear plate with no real competition on the market

HardOx® 500 Tuf

We build our water and mag tanks with HardOx® 500 Tuf because you need the toughest materials in the right places to ensure the optimal longevity of your water tanker truck. The performance, customization, and durability of COLT by IWS heavy truck bodies is what makes them a wise investment for your business. Speak to a heavy equipment design and manufacture expert to learn more.

Speak to an Expert

Gathering information is the first step in making an intelligent investment in your business. As experienced heavy equipment professionals who take a personalized approach to customer service, we’re more than happy to provide you with all the info you need to make a confident decision. We can help you find the right equipment, decide what customizations are suitable for your applications, and explain the entire process from order to installation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Build & Price

Not ready to schedule a consultation or hop on the phone? Get a fast online quote for your unique water tender tank without the lengthy back-and-forth emails or phone calls. Our Build & Price tool is a user-friendly, step-by-step system that allows you to choose your options and customizations right here on our website. It only takes a few minutes, so click below to get started.

Need more than a water tank?

COLT by IWS designs and manufactures cutting-edge heavy equipment for several industries. If you’re still renting equipment, contracting to other companies, or turning away jobs that are outside of your capabilities, check out our selection and customization options. We’re ready to build the truck, body, or trailer of your dreams. If you don’t see what you need here, contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs.

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