Fire Mitigation Equipment

Custom Tankers, Fire Tenders, and Wildland and Grass Fire Trucks

Support for Local and Regional Fire Protection Agencies

We understand the demanding nature of the construction and hauling industries. That’s why we’ve designed our line of dump bodies to be as indestructible as it gets while offering refined customization options to tailor performance and maximum ROI. The Elliptical Rock Box, Half-Round Dump Body, and Material Master are best-in-class, ready to take on the toughest jobs with unyielding dependability.

Grass Fire Trucks

If you don’t have a vehicle that can quickly navigate rough brush terrain, you should think about changing that. Get your people, your water, and your gear where you’re needed without delay. Our custom grass and wildland trucks are customized from grill guards to fuel storage and everything in between.

Water Tankers

Water is still one of the best weapons against the spread and destruction of a raging fire. If you find yourself racing fast-moving flames, you’re going to need a lot of water, and you’re going to need it fast. Customize your water tanker to be the most efficient piece of equipment in your inventory.

Fire Tender Trucks

Do thousands of gallons of water, foam, or dry chemicals sound like something you could use when the fire hits the fan? Don’t struggle with minimal resources when there are lives and lands at risk of destruction. Our tender configurations allow you to build the ultimate firefighting machine.

General Information

COLT by IWS® has helped support a number of local and regional fire protection agencies by building custom equipment tailored to their needs. Our specialties include Grass & Wildland Trucks as well as Water Tankers and Tinders.


How much does custom fire mitigation equipment cost?

The extent of our customization capabilities makes that hard to answer in a short paragraph, but our equipment experts are available to answer your questions and help you get a quote fast. It only takes a few minutes to select your preferred options. Reach out today and get one step closer to empowering your crew with cutting-edge fire mitigation equipment.

Not sure what you’re looking for? We can help.

We’re experts in heavy machinery with a passion for creating the tools to help you successfully protect your communities and lands. If you’re not sure what features are right for your applications or what our trucks are capable of, reach out for a free consultation. Even if you’re not ready to invest, we’re grateful for the opportunity to share our knowledge and support your mission in any way that we can. We always look forward to hearing from dedicated professionals like yourself.

Not sure what you’re looking for? We can help.

COLT by IWS does more than fire trucks. We specialize in the design and manufacture of a range of heavy machinery, including dump trucks, trailers, and oil field equipment. If you don’t see what you need above, check out the rest of our customizable products and services, or contact us for a free consultation to discuss your unique needs.

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